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Celebrity Tips On How to keep going in Summer 2023

Dubai’s Hot Summer Loading: Try not to lose your cool!

Dubai's Hot Summer Loading: Try not to lose your cool!

When talking about Dubai, we have clearly seen it emerging as a world leader in the tourism industry. Nothing is hidden from the agenda of making it a global tourism recovery mission whether it’s organizing the innovative technology festivals, fashion fiestas, or the intention of organizing COP-28 in 2023. But one factor that drags it all down is its piping-hot summer.

Surpassing 14.5 Million international visitors and more than 9 Million ex-pat residents in 2022, Dubai has honed the title of most visited and most re-visited destination in the world. But the summer slows it all down, leaving leaders wondering about the new strategies and initiatives to attract tourists and keep residents entertained. Global destination marketing through campaigns like Dubai Presents helped bridge the gap by collaborating with global celebrities, opinion leaders, and influencers.

May is here and Dubai’s humidity is at its peak, and even residents are wondering how to beat the heat. Here is your survival guide on everything you need to know about summers in Dubai whether it is about what to wear, where to go, what to eat and drink, how to stay fit, or anything that pops into your mind.

Keeping yourself fit in heat

We keep asking ourselves how to keep jogging or pushing ourselves to go to the gym in the hot summer. To keep up with that fitness regime that you started as a new-year resolution and are still successful in keeping it. It’s challenging, right?

Not really, when Dubai is making efforts to keep you running and jogging. RTA announced the opening of a 160 m cycling tunnel in Dubai which is making us want to go cycling.

May is just getting started and we can’t keep our cool because Dubai is already heating up. Here are a few quick tips to get you running in heat:

  • Always choose time over the duration
  • Make sure you pick the correct time; Early morning or late evening is preferable
  • Keep Indoor running and workouts as an option
  • Keep yourself hydrated before and after your sessions
  • Wear comfort on your sleeves, your shoes, and your training outfit matter.

SPFs are your best friend

Sometimes the scorching heat is too dangerous, especially when the temperatures go as high as 48°C to 50°C. Living in Dubai, you will be constantly exposed to harsh UV rays and heat waves. It tends to create a wreak havoc.

Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are a few celebrities talking about using sunscreens and the adversities of not using them. Deepika Padukone, a Bollywood superstar launched her new product with SPF 40 PA ++ and was seen using them in her latest Instagram posts.

Drink More Water to stay hydrated

Dubai is hot all year around but the summers are worse. If you don’t drink enough water or have enough nutrients throughout the day or before and during your workout sessions, you will feel your body suffer.

How to keep your body hydrated? Famous fitness trainer and Lululemon’s UAE-run ambassador, Mirna Abdel Sater advice to keep yourself hydrated before you grab that first-morning coffee or tea.

Where to go on hot Summer Mornings?

Dubai is a desert and is mostly dry in summer. Mornings and evenings are comparatively cool and relaxing. Dubai is a land of beaches and that is why morning and evening time is best to visit beautiful places with sand and water sports. Let’s take a quick look at the list of places we can go in summer time:

  • Dubai Desert Safari
  • Sunrise hot air balloon tour
  • Cool and budget-friendly Abra ride
  • Ski Dubai
  • Beautiful beaches – Kite Beach, La Mer, JBR Beach, etc.
  • Dubai Water Canal Boardwalk
  • Go adventurous with Kayaking or other water sports

A few of our favorites are:

  1. Beach yoga session happening every morning at Riva Beach

2. Ice buckets and sound therapy by IceIceDXB.

How can we not talk about the hot summer trends, right?

There is no doubt that warmer weather makes it easier to get dressed, there is no bulky jacket or fuss for multiple layers but when you are thinking of dressing up in Dubai you have to keep in mind about its summer.

A perfect summer outfit could be an easy breezy slip-on dress, t-shirt, shorts, or anything that makes you comfortable and gives you a sweat-free look.

Here is an inspiration for a full-day look and beauty tips from Sakshi for this summer which really got some attention.

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