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Celebrate Saudi’s historic win with the top things to do on your day off

Don’t have any plans for what to do on your unexpected day off? Discover the top 10 things to enjoy around Riyadh.

Saudi day off

As Saudi Arabia commemorates their historic World Cup win against Argentina, the Kingdom has announced a last-minute national day off to keep the celebration and festive mood active. Many might use the unexpected day off to catch up on some sleep, run errands and just take the time to slow down their busy schedules, but for those who haven’t made any plans yet, don’t worry as we’ve got you sorted.

Top 6 things to do in Riyadh on your day off

Whether you’re quenching amazing drinks and food or cool places to visit, we have gathered the top things to do in Riyadh for your football celebration day off.

Enjoy the Winter Wonderland theme park

Part of the official Riyadh Season Zones, Winter Wonderland is back for another year of icy fun with rides, arcades, stores, and entertainment experiences to enjoy. Take your day off to either go with friends, family, or loved ones to immerse yourself into a world of coolness for some mid-week adventures to enjoy the theme park with over 80 rides, warm winter food, and drinks to choose from.

Watch free World Cup matches at 3 Season Zones

Keep the football energy high, by grabbing a drink and some good food while watching today’s World Cup matches at one of the official Season Zones. Today is Saudi football lovers’ lucky day as all Riyadh Seasons zones are FREE! All three zones are regularly ticketed, but after the stunning Falcon victory of yesterday, today you can get free entry to the Riyadh Season Zones. Head over to Riyadh Season 2022 and enjoy free entry at three zones: Boulevard World, Boulevard Riyadh City, and Winter Wonderland.

Enjoy local food at Aseed Najd

As many celebrate Middle Eastern pride during a moment of complete triumph, delve into traditional dishes on your day off by experiencing local flavours at the newly opened restaurant Aseeb Najd. The Saudi-specialised restaurant is perfect to celebrate the rich flavours of the region and serves as an ideal spot to immerse yourself into cultural traditions by surrounding yourself in a setting complete with Najdi-style décor.

Sip at the Saudi Coffee Exhibition

It’s not every day that you get to wake up later and enjoy your time to sit down and savour the flavours of your coffee. For those caffeine junkies, we have good news as The Saudi Coffee Exhibition is currently on and entry is free-of-charge. A perfect day off venture to enjoy a multi-sensory experience at the historical birthplace of the Kingdom, Al Masmak Palace Museum and prepare yourself to take in the freshly brewed aromas of Saudi coffee with hints of cardamom while passing through the five stages of the creation of Saudi coffee, the manner in which it is harvested, processed and roasted and the etiquette that goes along drinking and serving it to guests.

Concept Store shopping at The LOFT

What’s better than going mid-week shopping at a concept store while they serve you with top of the range Italian coffee? Avant-garde and youthful “hip hop” concept store LOFT can be seen as a space where art, pop culture, and street style come to life with a merchandise selection that will make you feel as if you are walking through a luxury version of NYC. From interior design items to clothing, magazines, and limited-edition accessories, LOFT is definitely a store to keep on your radar while shopping on your day off.  

Watch the latest blockbuster hits at Vox Cinemas Riyadh

Whether you’re a superhero fan, a Marvel fanatic, or a thrill seeker, head over to Vox Cinemas to watch 3 newly released films to catch up on all the buzz. From Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, to Dwayne Johnson’s debut as a superhero in Black Adam or a thrilling dining experience that turns into a nightmare in The Menu, Vox has it all to binge-watch your favourite pictures on your lazy day off.

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