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YouTube launches new Community Posts features for creators to expand visually engaging tools

Discover a new way for creators to engage and interact with their fans on YouTube via Community Posts.

Community Posts

In YouTube’s latest announcement, the streaming platform launched two new features for its Community Posts feature which will provide more ways for creators to engage and interact with their audience in the app.

Community Posts are feed-based updates that are viewable within the ‘Community’ tab, which can be accessed on YouTube channels with over 500 subscribers. It’s essentially a social media-style update feed, designed to enhance engagement with your YouTube community, aside from your regular video uploads.

And now, there are some new options to drive more Community Posts interactions.

First off, YouTube’s expanding its new visual editing process for image-based posts, which provides more ways to compose your Community updates.

“If you’re a creator in this experiment, you’ll be able to use the YouTube app to add filters, text, and stickers to images for posts. This experiment will roll out to a small percentage of creators who use iOS devices and have the Community tab enabled.”

YouTube launched the first stage of its visual editing updates on Android back in August, and it’s now making it more broadly available, with its various editing tools facilitating new ways to enhance your Community Updates, and generate more engagement.  

YouTube’s also adding quizzes as another Community Posting option, providing more ways to generate direct engagement and interaction with your viewers.

“Quizzes introduce a new, interactive way for creators to engage with viewers, and in cases of educational channels, help them learn. Creators in the beta can create quizzes the same way as other kinds of Community Posts. We’re beginning to test the quizzes beta with a small number of creators and will look to expand in the future based on feedback.”

– Official statement by YouTube Blog

YouTube also added disappearing updates as a Community Post option back in June, while you can also post GIFs, images, and polls to boost interaction with your channel viewers.

It’s hard to say how valuable Community Posts are in building your YouTube engagement, but it could be a valuable complement to your video uploads, and a means to share more, more often, with your audience in the app.

Both tests are now live with selected users.

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