Sam Chui Aviation

Here's What Happens Inside An Airplane Graveyard
Sam Chui explores abandoned aircraft in his latest vlog
Sam Chui Takes Us Along On His Pan Am Experience
A complete throwback to the "Golden Age" of air travel
Sam Chui Checks Out LAX's Private Suite and BA's Super B747 Business Class

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Sam Chui Travels with Horses on HIs Latest Flight with KLM
Ever wondered how horses are transported on planes? Sam Chui shares with us a sneak peek.
Sam Chui Explains What's So Special About the Boeing 777X
He gives us an insider's look into the aircraft...
Sam Chui Reviews Saudia's New A320 Business Class Flat Bed
Plus an extra special treat for all those aviation nerds out there
Sam Chui Travels To Bhutan To Find Out If It's The Happiest Country On Earth
A vlog full culture and experiences is surely going to inspire you to measure happiness over wealth.
Sam Chui Travels to... Saudi Arabia!
Part One of his new series sees him flying Saudia Airline to Riyadh
Sam Chui Reviews The BEST B787 Japan Airlines
Be sure to keep an eye on all the delicious food he had on the flight
Sam Chui Reflects On His Best Moments of the year!
2019 was a great year full of unique aviation content
Sam Chui On Traveling Inside Saudi Arabia
You won't believe how spacious this aircraft is...