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This social media platform is good for your mental health

According to a new study this app makes people feel happy

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Snapchat Finally Gives Creators Audience Analytics Tool

Influencers with a large following will now be able to view their engagement rates and more in the app

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Snapchat is Giving Away Free Advertising

Brands that run "vertical video" ads are being offered free advertising credit

Snapchat Launches 2017 Recap Feature

You can now show off you best Memories with Your 2017 Story

Snapchat Has Released New Filters

Can't find them? They can only be unlocked if you snap a particular image...



Been Rejected From A Micro-Influencer Platform? Here's Why

Avoid these mistakes when applying to Live Unite

How To Spot A 'Bot Like A Pro

Here are three easy tips for spotting fake followers in your audience

6 Things You Need To Know Before Becoming A Licensed Influencer in The UAE

Read this BEFORE you apply for your influencer license

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