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Snapchat Has Made It Easier Than Ever Before To Create Your Own AR Lens

The Story-sharing platform has rolled out a new Lens Web Builder feature

Snapchat Has Made It Easier Than Ever Before To Create Your Own AR Lens

Snapchat’s application has been recieving significant engagement and interaction thanks to its Augmented Reality Lens advertisements. So now Snapchat is looking for ways to offer AR Lens campaigns to more and more brands in order to allow businesses to build their own custom and creative Lenses based on pre-made templates and/or Snap’s library of its 3D objects, according to Social Media Today.

The new feature will be entitles “Lens Web Builder,” which includes a process that will allow users to create their own lens campaigns within “a few minutes.”

“You can choose from a library of hundreds of 3D objects, animations, and effects to build your own custom branded AR Lens,” Snapchat says. “You can also upload your own 2D assets (such as logos and images) to further customize the AR experience. Once you’re finished, you can select your Lenses in the Creative Library of Ads Manager when launching campaigns.”

There will be no additional fees in order for users to access its catalogue of 3D assets, however, the minimum spend for daily use has a few requirements that would apply to AR Lens campaigns, according to Social Media Today.

With more than 70 millions people have accessed Snapchat’s AR Lenses every day, according to Snapchat’s data. Users have used the tools for an average of three minutes per session. In order to get an idea of the “potential viral boost” which accompanies with an effective Lens campaign, all users have to do is look at the viral baby and gender swap Snap Lenses from 2019, according to Social Media Today.

Click here to learn more about Snapchat’s Lens Web Builder! (You never know, maybe your next campaign could go viral!)

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