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‘Spider-man: No Way Home’ Trailer

New Spider-Man trailer trends on YouTube with 59 million views!

'Spider-man: No Way Home' Trailer

The thrilling new Spider-man trailer released only 1 week ago on YouTube has received over 59 million views, making it the number 1 trending movie trailer online.

Tom Holland who plays the superhero posted on Instagram with a screenshot of an article entitled ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Trailer Shattrs ‘Avengers: Endgame’s’ 24-Hour Viewership Record.’ His short caption then read ‘It only gets crazier,’ tagging the Spider-Man movie page which already has gained 2.8 million followers.

During the history of cinema, it is the first time that we see an un-masked superhero and the exhilarating adventures that come along with it. Those who enjoy action, time-travel, adventure, and sci-fi will appreciate the movie and experience a different universe through it. Themes of identity, society and secrets can be seen embedded throughout the film resonating with viewers who watch. Because of the element of time-travel, we also see a few familiar faces come back from the dead which will leave you gripped at the edge of your seat.

The new Spider-Man will be out by the end of the year on the 17th December, so sit back, and hold on!
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