13.01 2020 13:58h

Instagram is Trying to Take On TikTok With... Boomerang?!?

The in-app feature is getting a serious makeover
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Kicking off 2020, Instagram is feeling the pressure, especially when it comes to remaining the dominant platform within the social media sphere.

It’s ready to do whatever it takes in order to stay on top and encourage creators to create content for the platform.

Instagram recently announced it will be revamping Boomerang and rolling out new creative features… within the feature. If that makes sense.

Users will soon be able to open their Story feature within the app and choose from a number of new creative modes when capturing content for the platform. While the “Classic” version of Boomerang we all love won’t be going anywhere, Instagram will also be rolling out “SloMo,” “Echo” and “Duo"  to give the kids plenty of options when creating content for the platform.

How do the new Boomerang features work?

Once you record your Boomerang, you’ll be able to choose between different modes...

• SlowMo: slows down your Boomerang to capture each detail
• Echo: creates a double vision effect, enhancing your Boomerang
• Duo: both speeds up and slows down your Boomerang, adding a texturized effect
• Trimming: Edit the length of your Boomerang when it starts or ends
• Classic: the classic Boomerang everyone knows and loves

While the official reason for the Boomerang facelift is to encourage creativity within the Insta-community, we can't help but speculate the rise of TikTok in 2019 might have something to do with it.

After all, the new features appear to be quite similar to what the short-form video sharing platform offers its users (known as TikTokers.)

According to TechCrunch “. . .  TikTok meanwhile provides several motion blur filters and pixelated transitions. But since these are all available with traditional video, unlike on Instagram where they’re confined to Boomerangs, there’s more creative flexibility to use the effects to hide cuts between takes or play with people’s voices.”

Guess we'll just have to see whether the new Boomerang updates will be a game changer for Instagram in 2020. Either way, it certainly looks like we're in store to see some cool new content on the platform within our Stories very soon.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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