13.02 2018 11:09h

Snapchat is Giving Away Free Advertising

Brands that run "vertical video" ads are being offered free advertising credit
Snapchat, Snap inc

Calling all brands that use “vertical video” to advertise their products and services!

Snapchat wants your business – and it’s willing to give away a few freebies in order to snag it from competitors.

The Story-sharing platform has started to give away free ad credits to non-Snapchat advertisers.

If you use Instagram Stories, Pinterest or other platforms that support vertical video advertisements Snapchat is keen for you to give them a try.

According to Adweek, Snap Inc’s sales departments has been reaching out to companies and directing advertisers, ecouraging them to apply to Snapchat's new Accelerate for Social partnership program.

The Story-sharing platform then asks program participates to fill out a form with all of their details, including their Snapchat business account ID number and PDFs of documents, to prove they have run digital ads on other platforms in the past three months. 

A source told Recode that brands selected to participate in the Accelerate for Social program will receive Snapchat ad credits worth “several hundred dollars.” 

Snapchat has been working hard at courting advertisers and publishers, especially after Facebook's recent News feed changes. The company seems to be doing everything it can, in order to pull ahead in the race against Facebook and its products (i.e. Instagram).

So brands, marketers and advertisers, take note! It's worth apply to Accelerate for Social, if you want free Snapchat advertising.

What are your thoughts on Snapchat's Accelerate for Social program? Let us know in the comments below...


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