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How To Add Two Snapchat Accounts To Your iPhone

It's 100% possible and A LOT easier than you think
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Officially, you can’t have access to more than one Snapchat account at a time on your smartphone. For obvious reasons, this makes managing multiple Snapchat accounts challenging. 

Unlike Instagram where an individual can be logged into up to five different profiles, Snapchat only gives its users access to one Snap account at a time.

But if there’s a will, there’s a way.

Social media addicts always find methods of out-smarting the “rules” of their favorite platforms.

Enter cloning apps.

The term might sound a bit creepy, but this is by far the best option if you seamlessly need to switch back and forth between two (or more) Snap accounts.

While they’re frowned upon by some smartphone companies (and shouldn’t be confused with app clones), they offer a solution to social media addicts who need immediate access to more than one Snapchat account

If you download a cloning app onto your phone, you can install multiple copies of your existing apps to your smartphone - including Snapchat.

We've rounded up the best free cloning apps for both Android and iOS smartphones, so you can easily add more than one Snap account to your smartphone. Check them out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Parallel Space for Android

Parallel Space is an application that allows you to manage two different user accounts for any app you install on your phone.

It’s by far one of the best cloning apps out there, as you do not need to “jailbreak” your phone. It also only takes up about 2 MB on your device and it’s free.

Follow the instructions below to duplicate any app using Parallel Space...

• Open the Google Play store on your Android phone and search "Parallel Space." Install the app and give it permission to access your phone.
• Once you open it, you will see all the applications installed on your phone
• Tap clone app, to have two of the same app installed on your phone and enjoy accessing multiple accounts.

AppValley.vip for iPhone

AppValley.vip is the most reliable cloning app for iPhone users. It can't be downloaded from the Apple store but can be accessed by searching for it in a web browser.

Follow the instructions below to duplicate any app using AppValley...

  • Go to Safari
  • Go to Appvalley.vip and click "Install"
  • After the app is installed go to "Settings", then "General" and "Device management" to trust the app
  • Click on the library app to search for the app you wish to duplicate

Do you manage more than one Snapchat account? Have you tried cloning apps? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Doa'a El Khouly.

Photo credit: Shutterstock.


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