11.02 2019 09:37h

Instagram Will Start Showing IGTV In Your Feed

There's no getting away from it
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IGTV is Instagram's version of "fetch". It seems cool in theory, but it just isn't going to happen (excuse the Mean Girls reference).

Launched in June 2018, IGTV gave creators the opportunity to make long-form video content (up to ten minutes in length) for the vertical-video platform. 

According to TechCrunch "... as of last fall, few creators were working on content exclusively for IGTV, and rumor was the viewing audience for IGTV content remained quite small, compared with rivals like Snapchat or Facebook."

Unfortunately IGTV hasn't been the most popular kid at school, but Instagram isn't ready to throw in the towel. It still wants to make IGTV happen.

As of last week, IGTV previews have started to appear within Insta-users' feeds.

When scrolling through their feeds, Insta-fans will see a teaser of the IGTV video. If they like what they see, they can tap on the IGTV icon located at the bottom left corner and watch the entire video, in IGTV of course.

High-profile content creators like Lele Pons (@lelepons) and Hannah Stocking (@hannahstocking) started using this new feature within their profiles.

“With IGTV previews in feed, we’re making it even easier to discover and watch the latest video content from your favorite follows,” an Instagram rep said to Variety.

The big question is where users will find the feature more annoying than useful. We guess we'll just have to wait and see...

What are your thoughts? Will you give IGTV another try? Let us know in the comments below.

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