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How it all went down at London's first ever VidCon

It was a busy weekend for brands, marketers, YouTube creators and fans
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It's Coachella for digital marketers, influencer agencies, media professionals and, of course, YouTubers. And it's finally come to the UK.

VidCon London kicked off last Thursday, with panel talks and discussions on the inner workings of digital video and social media platforms. You could, however, still catch the odd crazy outfit, live performances and plenty of excited fans. 

From Anaheim to Australia, VidCon is one of the biggest events for industry professionals, content creators, and fans concerned with all things digital video, social media and, of course, YouTube. 

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Just like the Anaheim convention, VidCon London is split up into three different “tracks” for attendees (at three different price points) – industry, creator and community – so everyone is able to get what they want out of the event.

Industry attendees have the most access out of the three and are able to attend keynotes talks, fireside chats and panels focused on topics in digital marketing and media. The stream is tailored to businesses and industry professionals looking to polish their knowledge of digital media and online video. 

The creator track is for independent content creators. If you’re a budding YouTuber that wants to learn how to create higher quality content and grow your audience, this is the stream for you.

Lastly, the community stream is for the fans. If you just want to come to VidCon London to have fun, make friends, check out Insta-worthy brand activations and meet your favorite YouTubers this is the track for you.

Highlights of the industry track included Jumpwire Media’s Gavin McGarry discussing “Hacking Social Video: 57 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know”; Little Monster Media Co’s Matt Gielen talking about “The 8 Formats You Must Know to Build Your Audience on YouTube” and “Understanding The YouTube Algorithm”; Warm Robots’ Goldie Chan chatting about all things “LinkedIn: Your Secret Weapon For Branded Video” and “Is Virtual Reality Really the Future of Immersive Entertainment?” panel.

Attendees who participated in the creator track were able to attend talks like “Filming on Your iPhone Workshop”, "Adobe Masterclass: Create Videos that Grab Attention” and “Mastering A Niche.”

Saturday and Sunday were open to the Community. It kicked off on Friday evening, with VidCon’s signature open show and featured some of the biggest names on YouTube: Patrick Starrr, Caspar Lee and Gabbie Hanna (a.k.a. The Gabbie Show.) Good Mythical Morning's Rhett and Link were also on stage and did a live performance after the opening show.

No matter which track an attendee chose to participate in, the four-day event was jam-packed with both fun activations and knowledgeable talks. The general consensus on Sunday afternoon was that it was a weekend well spent.

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Couldn’t attend this year’s VidCon London? Don’t worry. A little birdie told us VidCon will probably be back again next year.

Fingers crossed.

Have you been to VidCon before? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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