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Ones To Watch: 13 Live Unite Micro-Influencers You Need To Follow Now

Make sure they're on your radar, before they become Insta-famous
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In a star-studded city like Dubai, it can be hectic trying to keep up with the who’s who - especially when it comes to social media 

These rising micro-influencers have caught our attention and we think you should definitely keep an eye out for them within your feed in the next few months - they're going to be huge!

Watch out for these 13 Live Unite micro-influencers and be sure to follow them before they become the next Supercar Blondie or Mo Vlogs.

(Psst! Got more than 5,000 followers on a social media platform? You might be eligible to join Live Unite and we have more information on how to apply here.)

Amal Baatia (@amalb.fitness)

This Saudi national is the country’s first woman CrossFit coach. Inspired by her friends in Dubai, she brought CrossFit back to Saudi Arabia and it's been a huge hit within the Kingdom.

She also teaches young girls and women the importance of fitness and strength. Talk about #femaleempowermentgoals.

Amit Asudani (@dramitasudani)

Dr. Amit is keen to show his followers there's nothing to be afraid of when it comes to going to the dentist.

Not only is he Dubai’s leading Invisalign specialist he shows off his goofy side, suave style and love for travel on his Instagram.

Eric Akoa (@ericfit.dubai)

Better known as Eric Fit, this Cameroonian is a personal trainer based in Dubai. He has a regular fitness blog giving workout advice and how to be confident in your own skin.

There’s more? He also has a bomb athleisure style, if you’re ever in need of workout attire inspirations.

Jannat Miranda (@jmodeofficial)

Fashion and beauty blogger Jannat never fails to serve looks on her Instagram.

From founding the blog JMode to creating a business initiative to help empower women, she is a force to be reckoned with. Check her out for amazing style inspiration. 

Maddy Chaaban (@madcha3)

Did some say stylish? Look no further, Maddy Chaaban is the man.

Whether its business only or casual chic, he’s your guy. Oh, did I mention all the #relatable memes in his Stories?

Marwan Galadari (@marwangaladari)

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This IMG director’s feed is full of famous athletes, artists and celebrities from across the world, like Mo Farah, Tekashi 6ix 9ine, Steve Aoki, to name a few.

You’re sure to spot some familiar faces hanging out with Marwan.

Milli Midwood (@millimidwood)

You don’t want to be missing out on blogger, wanderluster and Harper's Bazaar Arabia's Digital Editor Milli’s Insta-game.

She brings her chic, effortless looks to gorgeous locations all over Dubai and the world. Next step? Check out her blog Design and Conquer!

Nelita Villezon (@nelita_v)

Originally from Puerto Rico, Nelita brought her passion and energy to Dubai with her dance/workout classes.

Also trained in the martial arts, if you get a chance to book a session with Nelita - you’re sure to be in killer shape. Muy guapa!

Oweis Zahran (@oweis.zahran)

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What’s your 2019 vibes saying

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A pioneer in the automotive industry, Oweis Zahran is a connoisseur of production manufacturing and distribution in the Middle East.

He is also very invested in charity work in Nigeria and Ghana, having established six water drilling rigs to ensure clean drinking water for families.

Pavan Premaney (@pavanvesque)

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I’m starting to love you, Berlin

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Founder of male style blog, Vesque Magazine, Indian Pavan Premaney demonstrates his fashion-forward looks in Dubai, Mumbai and across Europe.

Rami Rasamny (@ramirasamny)

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I was once stood on the wall of my house by an armed car jacker who could have taken my life in an instant. As fate had it, I escaped. For years I could see his face when i closed my eyes, nervous, sweating, yelling at me and pushing the barrel of his gun against my chest and I remember the anger i felt towards him. I would relive it in my mind as if it were happening right now. The universe puts obstacles in front of us in so many forms. And those obstacles force a choice. On the one hand I could have cowered in fear and allowed the experience to consume me as a victim. But on the other hand, it had the potential to empower me. To force me to take responsibility for how I would choose to live life going forward. I don’t hate my attacker anymore. I don’t see him in my thoughts except in the realization of how necessary he was to force my choice. And I have chosen. @marwanmbk #lifehappensoutdoors

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This adventurer is not only an avid mountaineer, but also a fundraiser for underprivileged children and the founder of Life Happens Outdoors.

His website features blogs of his travels and suggests and plans expeditions for first-time adventurers. Feeling lazy yet?

Yasmeen Majdi (@yasvocals)

Singer, dancer and founder of Yas Music Dance, Yasmeen Majdi is an up and coming artist we should all be following. Follow her on YouTube or Instagram to hear her amazing vocals.

Karen Mattar (@karenmattar)

This personal trainer and certified yoga teacher shares amazing content within her feed. Check her out if you're looking for some serious fitness motivation. 

Did we miss your favourite micro-influencer? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Anushé Samee


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