07.07 2019 13:04h

22 New Training Modules Added To Facebook Blueprint

Perfect your social media marketing skills with these free courses
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Facebook Blueprint has been around for years, but most of us probably haven’t heard of it. Here's why we should know all about it. 

The social network has recently added 22 new courses to its education platform, Facebook Blueprint, which specialises in teaching marketing skills.

Some of the courses include introductions to creating events and Pages on Facebook, ad budgeting and scheduling.

The courses are primarily aimed at small businesses or public figures that are just starting out, and may need some guidance in their digital marketing skills.

However, even if you are already a pro, it is nonetheless worthwhile to check out Facebook’s extensive library of nearly 100 courses.

In their press release, Facebook said “... the new curriculum features 40% video content and 80 new lessons, each condensed to five minutes or less to maximize efficiency.”  So there’s always the opportunity to learn something new.

As well as this, though the courses are currently only available in English, they aim to offer them in 33 different languages by the end of the year. The platform has also uploaded several business courses for Instagram, providing lessons on how to enable and understand Insights, how to optimise your profile, posts and stories, and how to promote your channel.

Below is Facebook’s initiative for Instagram: “People use Instagram to share moments, find passions, get inspired and take action. Instagram can help businesses of every size find customers and grow. With an Instagram business account, businesses can promote their products and services to a global audience of people most interested in what they do.”

If you are a larger, more advanced business Blueprint additionally offers a number of professional modules.

Some include "Best Brand Practices" (informs brands how they can make use of sight, sound and motion effectively to ensure they reach their target audience) and "Business Manager" (helps users manage their payments, billing and taxes).

As well as this, Facebook has created a selection of certification courses where you can verifiably demonstrate your proficiency in digital marketing skills. This would always be a great addition to a CV or business profile.

Overall, the Blueprint modules are an excellent resource whether you are just starting in the business or are already quite experienced. The best part of all of this: it’s free!

Have you tried any of the Blueprint modules? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Anushé Samee. Photo credit: Facebook Business.


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