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Read below our roundup of 5 must-try products to kick-start your Influencer journey…

Influencer or not, who doesn’t like good pictures? In this digital age, we’re growing beyond the concept of just taking pictures for the ‘gram – pictures are memories for the keep.

But if you’re going to make a career out of it, you might as well nail the angles. Here is a list of 5 products that can help you ace the game.

Vanity Box with LED lights:

For girls on the go – this makeup vanity is the perfect thing to carry on a long shoot day. Imagine when you’re shooting outdoors and have just a car to change in, this Beautifect box comes in handy. Introducing your 21st century dressing table. Beautifect replaces the need for a separate table, mirror, light, and storage. Perfectly simulating daylight, meaning you will always have the right lighting and you no longer need to be tied down to one place. You can now get ready in less time, with less effort, and look even better.

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Coloured Gels Pads:

Add these colored acrylic square-shaped pads in front of any source of light, to get a glazed look in your pictures. As compared to installing LED lights around your bed frame or wall, you can simply peel the sticker off of these colored squares and paste them on any light source in your room.

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Wireless Camera Remote:

And how many times has that situation occurred when you had to go near the camera, press on the timer, and still get one awkward arm in the frame? That’s a no-no from our side. Try using a wireless camera clicker next time – you can seamlessly hide this while posing with your hands behind the clicker.

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Polaroid Camera:

Capture every moment and hold it closely with an instant camera you can take anywhere. Shop for the best selling instant cameras like Polaroid cameras, Kodak Printomatic instant cameras, and Fujifilm Instax cameras, from the Instax Mini 9 to 11 and everything in between. You can even gift your little one with an instant camera for kids they’ll love. Don’t forget to complement your new instant camera with a polaroid film so you can keep making those memories. Buy the best polaroid camera for your needs today!

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Macro Lens + Wide Angle Lens

Do you know how some verified Influencers get those cool angles art-sy campaign images – but with their phone?! This is the secret. Try using a Macro or a wide eye lens attachment on your iPhone’s camera – it is as simple as clipping it on and clipping it off.

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