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10 Amazon Influencers In 2023: From Social Media To Sales

Amazon Influencers Redefine Online Recommendations, Which One Are You Buying From?

Amazon Influencer

Amazon influencers by Amazon allow social media influencers, content creators, and bloggers to monetize their influence by promoting products on the website/app. It provides a platform for influencers to create their own customizable storefront on Amazon, where they can curate product recommendations and share them with their followers.

It gives influencers the liberty to showcase their favorite products, create curated lists, and share their recommendations through social media channels like Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok.

Overall, Amazon Influencers provides a win-win situation for influencers and brands, enabling influencers to monetize their online presence and helping brands tap into the power of social media marketing to drive sales on the platform. Here are our 10 favorite Amazon influencers, check them out.

Leticia Gardner

Mega-influencer Leticia Gardener’s content focuses on family, fashion, lifestyle, and fitness. She is married to former NFL player and influencer Rod Gardner and is the owner of the fitness lifestyle company Totalbody21.

Niche: Fitness, Home Décor, Health & Beauty, Fashion, Men’s Gifts, Pets

Holland Smith Paterno

Blogger and fashion micro-influencer Holland Smith Paterno has a large 58k TikTok following. She posts everything from style and lifestyle, covering anything from recipes to Amazon fashion “must-haves.” Her writing is well-written with an instantly identifiable look, and she has a sophisticated aesthetic style.

Niche: Fashion, Beauty, Home


Tyler is a well-known photographer and filmmaker. On his YouTube channel, he posts reviews and unboxing videos of additional devices as well as film and photography gear.

He advertises Amazon items in his videos, and because he is considered to be an authority in his industry, his followers tend to take his advice very seriously.

Niche: Technology, Film and Photographic Equipment, Sunglasses

Jamye Hunter

Fitness, fashion, and beauty influencer Jamye Hunter is a former member of the US Army National Guard and has a degree in human development and family sciences. Along with her fitness and lifestyle articles, she also shares military-related information.

Niche: Fitness, Fashion, Beauty, Military

The Ohio Girl Jaz

Jaz is a micro-influencer in the fashion and beauty niche. She has 39.7k Instagram followers and a significantly smaller fan base on YouTube and TikTok. Her fashion is laid-back, inexpensive, and a little bohemian.

Jaz has worked with several tiny fashion businesses in addition to large giants like Walmart. She routinely shares video reviews and ‘Amazon hauls’ on her Instagram account, and she styles and polishes her Instagram photos flawlessly.

Niche: Fashion, Travel, Beauty

Jalissa Queen

This top Amazon influencer Jalissa Queen focuses her work on product reviews. The caliber of her content reflects her expertise as a freelance photographer. She offers thorough product evaluations for tech, fashion, and cosmetic items.

Niche: Technology, Fashion & Beauty, Photography

Laura Fuentes

Author, writer, and mother Laura Fuentes loves food, wellness, and cooking. She also has 51.6k followers on her @momables Instagram account in addition to her blog.

She publishes information on low-carb and intermittent fasting diets, recipes, and meal plans that promote clean eating.

Niche: Health & Wellness, Kids & Baby, Kitchen & Cooking

Koree Ream

With 10,000 Instagram followers, prominent cross-fit teacher Koree Ream is a well-liked influencer. She mostly uses her social media profiles for affiliate marketing, promoting Amazon fitness and workout items.

Koree Ream is a great pick if your business focuses on a workout or physical fitness equipment.

Niche: Fitness & Mental Health

Ashley Marquez

This teacher-influencer focuses on fashion, kids, and lifestyle content in addition to inspirational and innovative teaching materials.

Her fashion aesthetic is unpretentious and clean. Ashley’s writing focuses mostly on inspiring, uplifting methods of teaching and learning.

Niche: Education, Home, Lifestyle, Fashion & Beauty

Justin Braun

YouTuber Justin Braun posts energizing material with an emphasis on off-road excursions, auto modifications, shop equipment, and technology. In his videos, he advertises Amazon items, generating traffic and sales for his Amazon affiliate partners.

Niche: Tools, 3D Printing, Off-road Supplies, Vehicle Mods, and More

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