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10 Arab Male Influencers Redefining Fashion’s Frontiers

Step into the world of these 10 Arab men’s fashion, where style reigns supreme, Fashion Week buzzes, and street snaps become an art form

Arab male influencer

Witness the vibrant renaissance of Arab men’s fashion with these 10 influencers, who are flourishing with self-expression, celebrating cultural heritage, and transforming the Middle East into a hotbed of sartorial innovation.

Ahmad Daabas

You’ve probably been living under a huge, fat rock if you don’t already know Daabas. The Dolce & Gabbana autumn-winter collection catwalk at Milan Fashion Week menswear was the thrill of a lifetime for this UAE-based Palestinian fashion blogger.

Talal Kahl

This Lebanese-Dubai-based model and creative director describe his style as minimalist yet bold because he loves to always dress to impress, which we his aesthetic feed is a true reflection of.

Mahmoud Sidani

Known to many as Mr. Moudz, this Emirati fashion star started his career in contemporary and upscale retail as a buyer at Dubai’s renowned Level Shoe District. There, he was exposed to the global fashion scene and eventually rose to become one of the most well-known men’s social media influencers in the region.

Ahmed El Sayed

Commonly known by his Instagram handle @twistedcurlz, Ahmed needs no introduction. Not only is he one of the founders of Dubai’s innovative fashion house, House of Nomad – Ahmed is your reliable go-to for the newest “it” places in Dubai, taking you to the hottest destinations through his Instagram.

Rabih Rowell

Founder and creative director at @anomalous.monism @identity__studios, Rabih is a fashion-forward diva, whos’ always 3 steps ahead of you.

Daniel Essa

This Syrian entrepreneur and creative director of his luxury footwear brand – is one of the first few Arabs that are paving the way for fashion vlogging. He moved to Paris to fuel his passion as a fashion designer, where his company is now based.

Mostafa Waheed

This Egyptian fashionista has the ability to transform any piece of clothing—as well as Cairo’s streets—into art. When the city’s elite in fashion is getting their #OOTD game on, you can find him at the coolest fashion events.

Abdulaziz Al-Khamis

Abdulaziz AL-Khamis, aka Wickedzzzz, spends most of his time in front of the camera acting like a (male) diva when he’s not lurking behind the camera making movies.

Elias Elindari 

Elindari is a well-groomed gentleman and he is aware of it. You’ll wish you owned every one of his flawless outfits looking at his Instagram feed.

Ahmed Asb

When the Kuwaiti-Latino hybrid is not busy doing mechanical engineering, you’ll catch him being fashion-forward on the streets of Kuwait.

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