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Instagram Is Looking To Launch A New App

And it’s going to be bad for our bank accounts

Instagram Is Looking To Launch A New App

Shopaholics, we have excellent news for you!

Instagram is apparently in the process of developing a standalone shopping app.

That’s right, full-fledge shopping with the help of everyone’s favorite photo- and Story-sharing platform may be a reality very soon.

According to The Verge “… the app – which may be called IG Shopping – would let users browse collections of goods from merchants that they follow, and purchase them directly within the app.”

For those Instagram users who enjoy shopping online (and seeking shopping inspiration from their feeds), this is huge news!

If the new platform is officially rolled out, it has the potential to massively disrupt the e-commerce industry worldwide. 

“Instagram has been moving towards eCommerce for some time – they’ve been gradually rolling out their Shopping Tags to more brands (both within the main feed and Stories), while they’ve also been developing tools to help businesses on Shopify better utilize the platform,” Social Media Today reports.

With more and more businesses joining the platform (and with Snapchat jumping into the in-app shopping game) it makes sense Instagram would offer a solution to brands that already market their products on the platform.

And research has shown that up to 34 percent of U.A.E. residents make online purchases between one and five times a week. If Instagram were to roll out this new app within the region, it could be a massive hit here within the UAE.

Check back soon for more information on the Instagram shopping app…

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