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Facebook Will Soon Roll Out It’s Very Own Dark Mode

Late-night scrolling through your feed will be getting a whole lot easier on the eyes

Facebook Will Soon Roll Out It's Very Own Dark Mode

Earlier this week Facebook released dark mode for Whatsapp (thanks to popular demand) however, it has come to the attention of a few users that Facebook still does not have its own version of dark mode. 

It is important to note that Facebook is also developing its own dark mode. Jane Wanchun Wong, a reverse-engineering tipster, has reported that Facebook’s dark mode was in developtment back in August 2019. At that time several other users of Facebook took to Twitter and shared their own examples of Facebook’s dark mode, but since then updates have been sparse, according to Social Media Today.

Earlier this week Wong revealed that its original prototype wasn’t as visually-appearling as the new upcoming dark mode the social media giant plans to release soon.

Facebook’s Messenger already has a dark mode option, which was rolled out to the public in April 2020. The option was released on Facebook Lite and only some users had access to it. Apparently there are ways to finesse Facebook and add dark mode onto your Facebook account, but it is not as easy as waiting for Facebook to release the mode to the public, according to Social Media Today.

Here are the steps to finesse Facebook and other applications that haven’t rolled out dark mode yet, according to Iphone FAQ:

  1. Head to Settings > General > Display Accomodations > Invert Colors.
  2. Toggle on Smart Invert and you will immediately see the change.
  3. Check out various apps to see how they are affected.

If you don’t want to change the colors and designs of all your applications, hold on tight until Facebook offically rolls out dark mode.

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