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TikTok is Partnering Up With The World Health Organization

They’re both looking to share factual information about the novel coronavirus

TikTok is Partnering Up With The World Health Organization

Nearly every social media platform is searching for a way to ensure that their users remain informed regarding the novel coronavirus – and TikTok has found a way to ensure their users are updated constantly with accurate timely information.

As TikTok announced this week that it will soon be rolling out a new content partnership program with the World Health Organization (WHO), which involves a live-stream from the WHO where users will be allowed to ask experts any questions regarding the virus, according to Social Media Today.

“At TikTok we’re focused on supporting our users by providing accurate information and resources from public health officials, as well as continued support, encouragement, and uplifting videos that our community share with each other during this challenging time,” TikTok said in a recent blogpost.

“To that end, we’ve partnered with the World Health Organization (WHO) to create an informational page on TikTok that provides trustworthy information, offers tips on staying safe and preventing the spread of the virus, and dispels myths around COVID-19.”

The Discover tab on TikTok is the way to access the new information feature; however, it will appear amongst the top results when users now search for COVID-19 relation topics, as well.

TikTok is also creating and adding a link to the search page on content and videos which could or are related to the coronavirus. This is a way that TikTok could remind its users to search and consult credible and verified sources for COVID-19 information and facts, according to Social Media Today.

The World Health Organization has been using its verified TikTok account in order to share content which will be providing critical, factual updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic; this would also allow the WHO to connect with TikTok’s younger audience base whilst keeping them informed as well.

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