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CapCut new update for easier editing 2023

CapCut launches it’s newest update – making video editing easier

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Long Video to Shorts

If you’re searching for a solid video editing program that focuses on generating short clips, the platform is an excellent alternative, and it’s always adding new capabilities to improve its offering.

This coming week. their “long Video to Shorts” editing tool has been enhanced, making it simple to create short clips from lengthier uploads.


CapCut says:

As reported by Lindsey Gamble:

“Users can upload a video that is more than one minute long but shorter than three hours. They can then choose the specific segment of the video they wish to convert, select from various durations, including “Auto”, “Less than 60 seconds”, “60-90 seconds”, and “90 seconds to 3 minutes”, and proceed to convert.”


To be clear, the platform has always featured short video editing functionality, but the new method is intended to make your edited clips fit together better, making them more aligned with TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Reels, and other uploads.

How it works

The platform’s UI has also been improved, making it easy to further edit your short clips with their breadth of customization choices.

CapCut has also just included some new editing features, such as “Relight” to change the lighting on your clips and “AI Fill” to fill gaps in your footage.

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Who can this benefit?

All of these new features are available in the desktop edition of CapCut for Business, which was released in October and includes more professional editing capabilities to help with short clip creation.

CapCut’s primary focus is TikTok, as it is owned by TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, but you can simply tweak your CapCut creations to fit any app.

It’s a useful tool, and if you experiment with it, you’ll be able to create some intriguing, stand-out video adaptations that can help you realize your video strategy.

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