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Dana Al Tuwarish Wishes Followers Happy Month of Ramadan

The benefits of personal messages on social media.

On an Instagram Post, Dana Al Tuwarish wished her followers a Happy Ramadan. She shared with followers:

مبـارك عليكـم الشهـر . . 🌙

شنـو فطوركـم اول يـوم رمضـان .؟
احنـا شـوربه عدس | مقـالي | تشريبـة | فـتّة | فتـوش | عيش دجـاج وباجيـلا وزرشـك | قطايـف مع جبـن كيـري .

In English:

Happy month to you…

What is your breakfast on the first day of Ramadan?

We have lentil soup | pan | soup | fattoush | chicken bread, bagilla and zarshk | Qatayef with curry cheese.

Ramadan is a time to turn inwards and reflect. And hopefully a time of spiritual insight and blessings. Starting off the fast prepared with food sometimes leads to stronger persistence and drive to last throughout the entire day of fasting. A big celebratory breakfast will probably not be the habit throughout the entire month, but kicking off the month on a celebratory note keeps spirits up. What was your breakfast?

Creating personable messages across social media helps your audience to relate to you. It strikes up a conversation, builds relationships, and shows authenticity. Why not try and share a personal message with all your followers and see what the response is like?

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