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Content Monetization Platform “Fanfix” to kick off in the Middle East in 2023

How to monetize your content across social media platforms as a Gen Z content creator using Fanfix?


Content creator platform Fanfix, which was acquired by SuperOrdinary last year in an eight figures deal, announced that it is all set to enter the Middle East and provide an extra revenue stream for Gen Z creators who are taking the social media landscape by storm with their creative content ideas.

As reported in 2022 by Adobe, approximately 45% of Gen Z creators agreed in a survey that they want to earn money and have a consistent revenue stream from the content they create and post across social media platforms. More and more Gen Z users are hopping on the content creation trend with the intention to earn a living beyond a regular 9-5 gig.

According to 2023 trends, the total addressable market for the creator economy, comprising over 50 million independent social media influencers and content creators, could soar to $480 billion by 2027, a substantial increase from its current value of $250 billion.

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Trying to leverage the boom in the global content creation economy, several platforms have allowed creators to make some money from viewers by altering their business models and introducing creator monetization policies to lure more and more creators to their apps. For example, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram have recently announced their schemes for creators to earn some money from the content they post.

However, the latest platform to jump on to the success of this emerging model which we would like content creators to know is Fanfix. It is crucial for creators to know what is Fanfix and how to leverage it to earn a good chunk of money in their content generation process.

What’s all the hype about Fanfix?

Capitalizing on the growth of the content creation economy, entrepreneurs Harry Gestetner and Simon Pompan, and social media personality Cameron Dallas founded Fanfix in Los Angeles in 2020. However, the platform is currently reported to have over 7 million creators on board globally.

Several competitor platforms including Patreon and OnlyFans have also cropped up, improving their business models that would allow creators to make money from viewers and leverage the platform to become their second or alternate income source.

Fanfix, a Patreon competitor that is focused on Gen Z creators and only allows clean content, may provide an extra revenue stream for creators. The subscription content monetization platform enables influencers to earn money directly from their followers.

The app generates revenue by taking a 20% cut of the subscriptions for creator-paywalled content purchased through its platform. Fanfix prides itself on being a “brand-friendly” and “clean” platform, claims Ally Salama, director of Fanfix MENA. To enforce its guidelines, Fanfix uses a mix of technology and humans to review all content.

In Salama’s words, “The platform launched at a time when competitors, particularly OnlyFans, were getting a bad rap for hosting adult content. These platforms don’t have our principles, and we’re very uptight about our values and core principles.”

The platform focuses on creating a safe digital space, anyone who signs up for Fanfix is to be verified by a team of human reviewers before being accepted as a member. It’s important to note that Fanfix is an exclusive platform that accepts creators on an invite-only basis.

How to leverage Fanfix as a content creator?

Fanfix is devoted to providing a new way for content creators to connect with their fans by providing exclusive, behind-the-scenes content gated behind a paywall. Creators are able to set their own prices for their exclusive feeds as well as being able to monetize their DMs by setting pay-per-message prices and virtual tip jars for their posts.

Things that Content creators should keep in their mind as a checklist before starting on the platform:

  • How many followers do creators need to become a Fanfix Creator?
    • Creators must have at least 10,000 followers across all their social media platforms in order to be eligible to apply.
  • How much can they earn?
    • Your earning would completely depend on you and how your content performs. Creators can set their own subscriptions & Tip-to_DM prices and can keep 80% of everything earned.
  • How old does the creator have to be to use Fanfix?
    • Well, you must be 18 or above to start using the app.
  • What type of content is allowed?
    • Anything that is entertaining and engaging, just make sure you are not uploading any explicit content or something that isn’t appropriate according to social media guidelines in the UAE.

The creator economy market is poised to experience significant growth coming the next five years, driven by the surge in digital media consumption and the advent of new technologies, there creators must up their game in order to benefit from these platforms.

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