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5 revealing David Beckham facts from new Netflix series

Find out 5 revealing moments from the David Beckham documentary series

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There’s many new things to learn about footballer David Beckham in the new limited series BECKHAM – his drives, his passions, and his family. Here are 5 of the most interesting moments from the docu series.

David Beckham has many hobbies, one of which is beekeeping

In the first episode of the documentary series BECKHAM, we follow David Beckham as he strolls in full beekeeping gear to his beehives. He picked up the hobby during lockdown, and revealed that that he and his wife have conflicting ideas of what to call the honey he bottles and sells.

“There’s a bit of an argument in the house at the moment,” Beckham says in the episode. “I think it should be Golden Bees. Victoria likes DBee’z Sticky Stuff.”

Besides beekeeping, Beckham also likes to build Lego sets.

He’s was a fan of the Spice Girls before he met Victoria

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In the 90s, Beckham and his teammate Gary Neville first saw Victoria on TV. In BECKHAM, the star reveals that he told Neville that he was going to marry Posh Spice, saying, “ ‘See that one there? I’m going to marry that one.’ And we were laughing and joking, and I’m like, ‘No, I’m going to marry that one — the posh one, in the black dress.’ ”

When two Spice Girls arrived at a Manchester United game in 1997, things started falling into place. “In the changing room before the game,” Beckham recalls in the documentary series, “one of the players came in and was like, ‘There are two Spice Girls here.’ I was like, ‘Which one?’ And he said, ‘The sporty one, and the posh one.’ And I was like, ‘Great.’ ”

Once the pair had a conversation, the rest was history.

Beckham was a style icon

David Beckham is not only one of the greatest soccer players in UK history, but he has also always been a trendsetter in fashion and popular culture. From the time he famously wore a sarong on vacation with his wife Victoria, to their deep purple wedding attire, to his ever-changing hairstyles and experimentation with clothing, it has been fascinating to watch Beckham evolve with the times.

He’s usually more private

Over the four episodes of the docuseries, David Beckham opens up about his career in a surprisingly vulnerable and reflective way. He talks about the painful moments, such as his red card in the 1998 World Cup and the deterioration of his relationship with Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson. He also talks about his involuntary departure from Manchester United and what it was like to become a father. Beckham doesn’t shy away from admitting his mistakes, both on and off the field.

He may look cool, and mysterious on the cameras, but the series shares a rare glimpse into the mind of a man who always plays it cool in public.

He’s a family man, through and through

One of the most heartwarming moments in the series comes at the end, when David Beckham gets emotional as he reflects on his life and career with his wife Victoria and their children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper.

“Going through every part of my life has given me clarity on many things. And one of those things, which is the most important thing to me, is what we’ve got,” Beckham says in the series, holding back tears.

“We’ve tried to give our children the most normal upbringing possible. But you’ve got a dad that was England captain, and you’ve got a mom that’s Posh Spice. They could be little shits, and they’re not. That’s why I say I’m so proud of my children, and I’m so in awe of my children and the way they’ve turned out.”

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