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Who is Tayler Holder and How Did He Go From TikToker to Musician?

Tayler and his transition from TikTok to music – Read more

Tayler the TikTok boy

Tayler Holder‘s journey from “TikTok sensation” to country music star is an ongoing process, and he’s still navigating this significant shift.

“One lesson I’ve learned is that having millions of followers doesn’t automatically translate to music streams. As many probably know, my rise to fame wasn’t through music—especially not country music,” said Holder. “While we’ve gained acceptance from many, it’s been a great but challenging year, with some people finding it hard to adapt.”

Holder’s Music Scene

Holder, who has over 19 million TikTok followers, officially entered the country music scene in 2023.

“This isn’t how I became famous,” he said, acknowledging that some have called him a “fake country boy” who just puts out music. This year, however, has marked a pivotal moment in his music career.

Reflecting on his breakthrough, Holder said, “I think people are starting to realize we’re here for the long haul,” especially after he opened for Dylan Scott on the “This Town’s Been Too Good to Us Tour” last year. Holder expressed immense gratitude for Scott, who he was friends with before touring together. “I owe everything to him right now.”

Thanks to Scott’s tour, Holder transitioned from small venues to packed stages with audiences of 5,000 people.

“He brought me on stage every night to perform with him, and I was on his tour bus daily,” Holder recalled. “It felt like it was as much my tour as it was his, and it was an incredible experience.”

Festivals & More

Following his CMA Fest performance, Holder is preparing for more fairs and festivals.

“We have a lot lined up in the coming months, including tons of new music,” he shared. “I had the chance to meet with some of the top writers in town earlier this year, and we’ve been in the studio creating some amazing music that I’m excited for everyone to hear.”

So much more is coming up with Tayler and we can’t wait! Read here for more on the artist’s new reality show.

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