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TikTok Couple Matt and Abby Howard Face Social Media Backlash 2024

The Howards face another conflict: Read more

About the Influencers

High school sweethearts turned social media influencers, Matt and Abby Howard, known for their heartwarming family content and multiple controversies are once again making headlines and sparking discussions among their followers. The couple usually uploads family-friendly content about their relationship and their children.

The Phoenix-based couple, known for their “Unplanned Podcast,” which delves into genuine conversations about relationships and family life, recently revealed their unconventional decision to boycott Father’s Day this year. The reason? It coincides with Matt’s birthday.

The Howard’s Fathers Day Controversy

Parents to two young boys, Griffin and August, the Howards shared their plans during the May 29 episode of their podcast. Abby explained that last year’s Father’s Day fell on June 18, Matt’s birthday, leading her to combine the celebrations. “I did kind of combine the holidays,” she admitted, acknowledging that she felt she had “failed” her husband.

Matt reassured her, noting that she was pregnant and uncomfortable at the time, but he did admit that the day “kind of was a bummer.” He shared that they had just returned from their baby-moon and he ended up grilling dinner for everyone, which was not how he wanted to spend his special day.

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Abby expressed her disappointment in herself for not doing more, revealing that she had only managed to get a cake from Dairy Queen and have a small family gathering. This admission sparked a lively debate among their followers on TikTok, with a clip from the podcast garnering 9.4 million views and thousands of comments. Some followers questioned Matt’s expectations, while others made light of the situation, comparing it to having a birthday on Christmas Day.

Conflict After Conflict

This isn’t the first time the Howards have stirred controversy. In a now-deleted 2022 video, Matt faced backlash after “surprising” Abby by cleaning the house and taking care of their newborn so she could go to the gym. He stated, “Don’t be fooled by me picking up my house because I’m not typically the one that does it. And don’t be fooled by me taking care of my son because most of the time, my wife does that, too,” which shocked viewers and sparked debates about traditional gender roles.

In February 2024, Matt, an aspiring singer, shared what he called “the saddest song I’ve ever written,” titled “Still Not Enough.” The lyrics led followers to speculate that he felt his family, particularly Abby, was not fulfilling enough for him. Matt quickly clarified in the video’s caption that his sadness was unrelated to his love for his wife and children.

@_matt_howard_ I’m so sorry if you relate to these lyrics… “still not enough” is out now #originalmusic #popmusic #matthoward ♬ still not enough – Matt Howard

Despite these controversies, Abby remains steadfast in her commitment to their marriage. In an April 2024 podcast episode, she declared that divorce is “not on the table” for them, cautioning other couples that viewing divorce as an option can lead to its likelihood.

As Matt and Abby continue to navigate their public and personal lives, their unconventional choices and candid discussions keep their audience engaged and often divided, ensuring that they remain a topic of conversation in the social media world.

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