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“CarynAI” Film Coming Soon: The Influencer who Created an AI Version of Herself

Is CarynAI coming back?

Virtual Version

Influencer Caryn Marjorie, known online as @cutiecaryn, previously made headlines after earning an impressive $100,000 by launching an AI version of herself. However, this innovative venture has also exposed some unsettling truths about the interactions between AI and users. Read more here.


CarynAI debuted on the app Telegram in May of last year and proudly announced on X/Twitter, “I have uploaded over 2000 hours of my content, voice, and personality to become the first creator to be turned into an AI. Now millions of people will be able to talk to me at the same exact time.”

For a fee of one dollar per minute, users could engage with the AI, which emulates Marjorie’s voice, personality, and behavior. The service was marketed as a chance to chat with “the girl you see in your dreams.”

AI’s Dark Side

However, Marjorie soon highlighted some disturbing interactions. She noted that users frequently became aggressive towards the bot. “A lot of the chat logs I read were so scary that I wouldn’t even want to talk about it in real life,” she revealed.


What shocked Marjorie even more was how CarynAI would respond to these inappropriate advances. “If people wanted to participate in a really dark fantasy with me through CarynAI, CarynAI would play back into that fantasy,” she explained.

Saying goodbye to CarynAI, or are we?

The experience led Marjorie to shut down the AI version of herself, as she felt increasingly uneasy with the lack of control over the AI’s interactions. The disturbing responses and aggressive user behavior underscored the complexities and ethical dilemmas of deploying AI in such personal and interactive capacities.

However, the AI bot is making a comeback in a film planned to be released about the influencer’s experience. More details on the movie to be announced soon.

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