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Apple Watch X releasing 2024 with exciting new features

Find out what is different about the current Apple watch compared to X

Apple Watch X coming soon 2024

Apple is currently reported to be in the development of designing its smartwatch to mark the tenth anniversary of the first-generation Apple Watch, calling it Apple Watch X.

Apple Watch X

The watch could be released as early as next year with updated features. Unlike the first-gen watch, this will have a new magnetic system for brands rather than the current locking mechanism, have a thinner case, and monitor your blood pressure.

With a magnetic band, the watch instantly looks sleeker along with the updated microLED display which offers better colour and clarity. The development of the smartwatch came from a report from Bloomberg’s journalist, Mark Gurman.

Apple Mac Update

While the latest watch is said to release in early 2024, the company has also revealed plans for its update on the next-gen processors for Macs. The M3 series is said to have four chips which include the base M3, M3 Pro, M3 Max, and the M3 Ultra. The base M3 Ultra promises to be a powerful chip with 32 CPU cores and 64 GPU cores which is more than the M2 Ultra which has a 24 CPU and 76-core GPU.

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