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Being Barefoot: celebrities and TikTokers’ new favorite trend

Social media users on platforms like TikTok share videos of themselves (and others) barefoot in the outdoors. – why? is this even safe?


Those who walked around barefoot, grew their hair, and preached love and celebration of life in community with nature were formerly derided as tree-huggers, individuals who counted for nothing in 1970s society except the fantastic music they used to listen to.

Today, just as the appearance of that time seems to have returned to the catwalks of fashion week in full swing, the hippie look is back in trend, barefoot walking included.

The new model off duty look?

Shawn Mendes and his Smoothie Squad and Jacob Elordi, both recently shot without shoes and concentrated on enjoying their iced coffee in total calm, were the first to bring this trend back on track, followed by Kanye, who was photographed in Italy in a sharp black suit without shoes.


A number argue that the trend has its roots in that episode of Succession in which Lukas Mattson, the billionaire played by Alexander Skarsgård, gets off his jet barefoot.

However, judging by the growing interest in content creators like @georgewoodville, who persuade passers-by to try going barefoot in the city, and hashtags like #barefootbenefits, which now has over 26 million views, this new trend seems to have much more to do with health than aesthetic. But what are the benefits of going barefoot?

The reason behind this confusing trend

Aside from having an apparently fashionable style, as seen by Etro at the SS23 menswear show and worn by musicians and celebrities on stage and in coffee shops, being barefoot represents for many an experience that mixes spirituality and physical well-being.


The practice of walking barefoot to feel more connected to nature, named grounding or earthing, is shared by various ancient civilizations – the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and even traditional Chinese medicine believed deeply in the healing properties of the earth, and as Clinton Ober explains in Earthing, The most important health discovery ever (2014), “living in close contact with the earth’s natural surface charge naturally discharges and prevents chronic inflammation.”

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Mixed Emotions on Being #Barefoot

Despite the massive amount of material released on TikTok by proponents of this lifestyle demonstrating how contemporary footwear has drastically altered the structure of our feet, scientific studies on the benefits of walking without shoes are in sharp contrast. While several podiatrists interviewed are horrified by this new trend say that going without shoes is a bad idea, especially in public places like gyms and swimming pools, The Washington Post explains that sinking one’s insoles into the ground improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and stress levels – it all depends on the situation.

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In Dancing, Patti Smith utilizes shoe-less dancing as a metaphor for an unmatched sense of joy. Maybe it’s time to ditch the sneakers and mules. Summer hasn’t ended yet, and unless you’re into fakirs, there’s no harm in trying.

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