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Beyonce’s has dropped her amazing new album “Renaissance”

The “Queen B” Beyonce did not hold back with this one…

Reaching #1 on the charts shortly after it’s release, “Queen of Pop” Beyonce’s new album has taken the world by storm…

This is her 7th studio album that made it’s debut overnight. Earlier this week, some of the tracks had leaked however Beyonce was quick to take to twitter to send her love and appreciation for her fans and thank them for their patience.

Fans are calling the 16-track record a “No-skip” and “Beehive bliss” as many have taken to social media to share their love an appreciation for the new album.

Renaissance has been 3 years in the works as it was recorded during the pandemic and released with out videos, this album has so far been described as a trend-setter.

Beyonce’s “Renaissance” Tracklist:

beyonce new album
  • 1. ‘I’m That Girl’
  • 2. ‘Cozy’
  • 3. ‘Alien Superstar’
  • 4. ‘Cuff It’
  • 5. ‘Energy’
  • 6. ‘Break My Soul’
  • 7. ‘Church Girl’
  • 8. ‘Plastic Off The Sofa’
  • 9. ‘Virgo’s Groove’
  • 10. ‘Move’
  • 11. ‘Heated’
  • 12. ‘Thique’
  • 13. ‘All Up in Your Mind’
  • 14. ‘America Has A Problem’
  • 15. ‘Pure/Honey’
  • 16. ‘Summer Renaissance’

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