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Brazilian influencer Juliana Rocha dies aged 25

After the disappearance of influencer Juliana Rocha on social media, her followers share their concern on how she passed away

Brazilian influencer Juliana Rocha dies aged 25

Social media beauty influencer Juliana Rocha died at age 25 after disappearing on social media for over a month.

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Rocha’s close family members announced the influencer’s passing on Monday 23rd October to 186K of her followers on her Instagram story. Without details of her passing, fans have been commenting on Juliana Rocha’s posts with their concerns about how she died.

A comment on Roches from someone who claims to be her friend said her death was caused by cancer and that Juliana was “battling leukaemia.” Although this has not yet been confirmed by the influencer’s family members, others are speculating something is seriously wrong.

Updated Cause of Death

In a statement uploaded on October 26th, it said in Juliana Rochas story:

‘Juliana had not been well since August, she had severe anemia and was soon hospitalized. At the hospital, all reasonable and possible care was being taken to help her get better. We soon discovered that she had water in her lungs and pneumonia, and her case was very serious. Then, dots appeared in the lung supposing to be tuberculosis.

In the early hours of Sunday to Monday, Juliana had a cardiac arrest and could not survive. Unfortunately, the cause of death was: Respiratory failure water in the lung tuberculosis. This is the reason for her death and does not need further speculation.

We thank everyone for their messages.’

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