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Citizen suspends sales of latest smartwatch: Here’s why

Read more to find out why Citizen has suspended sales for the CZ Smart


Latest Citizen Smartwatch

Citizen is temporarily suspending sales of its latest smartwatch, the second-generation CZ Smart. Citizen announced the new smartwatch, the second-gen CZ Smart, at the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES 2023 in January. It was launched on May 1.

The watch features the YouQ wellness app, which Citizen lauded as a “wearable self-care advisor” designed to help you optimize your training and recovery. The YouQ app utilizes findings from NASA Ames Research Center and IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence models to predict your cognitive and physical energy levels for the next 24 hours. This helps you plan your day and physical workouts according to your energy highs and lows.

Suspension of sales

Reviewers have been responding to the CZ Smart smartwatch badly. YouTuber Michael Fisher, better known as MrMobile, faced many issues with the watch, including but not limited to laggy screens, bad battery life, inaccurate tracking, and watch faces that can’t even tell the correct time.

Similarly, reviewer Julian Chokkattu also cataloged the bugs they ran into with the watch, stating all of the issues also mentioned by MrMobile.

Reviewers have continuously reported having complaints about the battery life of the watch. According to reviewers, after charging the battery to 100%, it only tends to last for 9 hours. Issues continue to pile up after using the smartwatch for a few more days, such as laggy screens, and being unable to operate the screen at all.

Citizen started recalling watches after more negative reviews started to pop up. They emailed reviewers stating they are investigating the issue, and will be temporarily suspending sales on touchscreen models.

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