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Fashion: SS24 key trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week

Fashion defined by innovation, sustainability, and variety

Key trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week SS24

Showering showgoers at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023 was a great escape from the grey outdoors. It was where trendsetting designers showcased their designs on the runway for Spring/Summer 2024, and for individuals to display their individuality to a realm of creatives.

While skies were gloomy, guests were glad to be indoors, ready and layered up for the 4-day event. With a vision to be an agenda-setting platform by promoting sustainability in the fashion industry, each Scandinavian brand was vetted before walking the ramp.

2023 has seen an advancement in the strive toward sustainable changes in everything we do, from what we eat to what we wear. Accelerating and shining a spotlight on those who aspire to make a positive change, encourages others to follow suit. This year, Copenhagen Fashion Week was all about bringing the future of fashion on stage in a visionary format integrating natural resources into everyday life to give forward-thinking individuals a story to wear and an item to hold.

Those who viewed the collections were impacted in their own way by the innovative designs and impactful messaging. There were a few notable pieces that were highlighted as a common trend throughout each design for Spring/Summer 2024. Grab your notepad and pen and get yourself ready for the new fashion year.

Back to School

Yes, we know school starts in September, but we can’t help but think the look was made for this term. Knee-high socks became a statement piece on the Copenhagen catwalk for both men’s and women’s fashion. Ganni and Rotate both displayed clear black knee-high stockings on their models, while Latimmier chose thick black socks for their male model. Pair it with a dress, culottes, mini skirt, or shorts and you have yourself a look.

Dynamic Denim

Denim ruled the runway with every designer incorporating it into their collection. Those who questioned the double denim phase can join the trendsetters in wearing it now as denim has been an ongoing trend for a few years. Although denim can be dynamic depending on the style you choose, if we were to be more specific, wide-fit denim jeans are the way to go for Spring “24.

Tuck It In

Unlike the other noticeable trends, Rotate, a brand born and raised in the heart of Denmark used corsets to shape and tuck in the waist. Just a simple white that can be styled in numerous ways was simply pulled in by another, more fitted, layer. Celebrities and influencers introduced the idea of bringing the corset away from the bedroom.

Rihanna and Bella Hadid were just two of the influential icons who styled their corsets with a blazer, and now fashion brands have explored newer ways to diversify the look. The idea is not to be afraid or intimated by the look, but to have fun with it and simplify it with a plain shirt and plain corset. If you want to have fun with it, then add a statement blouse or statement corset – by ‘statement’ we mean a pattern or bold colour.


Skirts can be a hit-and-miss, especially when dealing with mini skirts – above the knee. However, Copenhagen Fashion Week had a variety of mini to midi-length skirts, but we chose to show you the mini skirts so that you can feel confident about what you’re wearing. Putting on a skirt is a love-hate relationship as they look good and are perfect for Spring/Summer, yet can be uncomfortable to keep pulling down every time you stand up. The solution to this is finding the right length that suits you or the most comfortable fitting one. Fashion is all about feeling relaxed in what you’re wearing and most importantly, feeling confident so look and feel before you buy.


When the sun comes out, how does it make you feel compared to the rain? Happy? When seeing a person wearing grey compared to someone in colour, which one are you more drawn to or provokes a feeling from you? Helmstedt, Rolf Ekroth, and Marimekko were just a few of the designers that added an enriched burst of flavour to the catwalk this 2023. Abstract lines, cloudy quilted covers, a masculine plush of roses, and zoomed-in petals were applauded on the runway for its character and presence. Extroverts, get creative and introverts, go shopping.

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