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Google Play Movies and TV to be discontinued 2023

Why has Google decided to bid farewell to Google Play movies and TV?

Google Play Movies and TV to be discontinued 2023

Google says goodbye

Google bids adieu to its Movies & TV as part of its ongoing efforts to streamline its entertainment ecosystem. This move follows the migration of Android and iOS users to the Google TV app, the removal from Roku and most smart TVs, and the October exit from Android TV.

As the company moves forward, a recently published support document outlines the methods users can employ to access their purchased content after the departure of Google Play Movies & TV in January.

Google Play Movies and TV to be discontinued 2023

New landscape for content viewing

Starting January 17th, users with a TV or streaming device powered by Android TV can seamlessly continue their content journey by watching purchased or rented items from the Shop tab. For those utilizing a cable box or set-top box running Android TV, the YouTube app becomes the go-to destination for watching and renting content.

Initiating transition with YouTube

Even as they bids farewell to Google Play Movies & TV, users can find solace in the fact that the transition won’t be overly disruptive. The company has already initiated the shift on Android TV by directing users to the Shop tab. The consolidation of entertainment platforms is a trend not unique to just them, as Apple has also introduced a revamped TV app, providing users with a unified space to access Apple TV Plus, purchase, and rent shows and movies. In this evolving landscape, the emphasis is on creating a seamless experience for users, ensuring they can enjoy their content hassle-free across different platforms.

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