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Halloween costume ideas for your baby this 2023

If you’re looking for an original Halloween outfit, then stop and scroll here!

Halloween costume ideas for your baby this 2023

Did you focus so much on your own Halloween costume that you forgot about what your little one will wear? We have put together a list of Halloween outfits from Pinterest for your newborn and toddler that are our favourite this 2023. If you’re looking for something more than dressing them up as a pumpkin or witch, then you’ve landed in the right place as we have the best options for you.

Take a look below at some of the ideas and inspiration, and our winning outfit for the year – which we think should be an everyday outfit. *CUTENESS OVERLOAD*

“I’ll take it to go”

If you love coffee and can’t live without it, then you can create your own DIY Starbucks baby with the help of some Starbucks props. Mhh, yummy!


We can’t tell if she’s real or a dolly! Taken right out of a storybook or Toy Story, all you need is a cute little dress and a dolly wig to put on your little one. Put pretty white socks on her with dolly shoes and there is your final look.

Subway Wrap

Do you love your Subway, fast food wrap? If you’ve just had a newborn baby then go for a wrap – too cute!

Incredible Baby

Are you a superhero family and all looking to get dressed up this Halloween? The Incredibles might just be the perfect look for everyone! Your baby can be your superhero this Halloween…


If you have twins and looking for something for both of them, then Slinky is your guy. Again, taken from the film Toy Story, dress your duo up as Slinky the dog as not only is it the most adorable twinning outfit, but it’s also the best way to keep them together!

Sticky Bandits

Just look at that smile! Make sure to cut a hole in the front of the mask so it’s safe and breathable.

Mini Minion

Are you a Despicable Me fan? Or love the little Minions? You can either buy a Minion outfit or if you love to knit or want to try making an outfit yourself, then get some wool and create your own Minions costume for your newborn.


Whether it’s siblings dressing up together, or best friends celebrating Halloween together, we’ve got some iconic duos below. Why not try Marilyn Monroe’s signature looks or Alice in Wonderland.

Scarecrow Beauty

We have no words for this little one. ❤️

Cute by day, Superman by night

Do you have yourself a little Clark Kent? If so, then you know this is the outfit for you. It’s a little 2-in-1 with a smart suit, glasses, tie, and a little superhero t-shirt underneath. I don’t know about you, but he looks ready to save the world.


This is our winning look of 2023, and may potentially be our favourite look forever! Dress your little one up as a grandma or grandad and to make it even cuter, picture them with their grandparents. They may not thank you later on in life after seeing the pictures, but who cares! It’s the best outfit ever.

Bunch of Grapes

If all else fails, just dress your son or daughter up as a bunch of juicy grapes!

Free Dobby

Are you obsessed with Harry Potter and have waited forever for this moment to dress your child up as a character from the book/film? Instead of going for the obvious witch or wizard outfit (which is still a brilliant costume), dress your child up as Dobby! All you need is a piece of cloth or sheet and there you have it! Baby Dobby/Gizmo.


Everyone loves Boo from Monsters Inc. When we first watched that film, everyone fell in love with that cute little laugh and of course, her signature monster outfit that Sully put her in. If you have a mini Boo of your own, then you know what you need to do…

Baby Duck

Okay, who doesn’t love a baby dressed as a duck?

I smell a skunk

Do you have yourself a little pooper? The skunk costume may be the perfect choice.

Healthy eating

This is not exactly a typical Halloween look, but when else can you dress your little one up as an avocado? It might keep the zombies and witches away!

Tasty Burrito

We saw the Subway wrap, but have you ever imagined your newborn baby as a burrito? Why not make this Halloween a tasty Mexican one and get your favourite Mexican dips together with baba being the star of the show.

Italian Nights

What’s on today’s menu? Spaghetti bolognese? Pot noodles? Snuggle your baby up this Halloween as an Italian dish or vegetable noodle pot – it’s very random but very adorable!


Look at this Prince with his bat wings. If you have yourself a little wiggler, who loves to put his arms in the air, then a bat outfit is perfect for him or for her. Any winged insect or animal is perfect for Halloween as we’ve seen bumblebees, butterflies, and more!

If you’re planning to dress your child up in a Halloween costume this year, then make sure to tag us @itplive.

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