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Horoscope reading for the 26th of Dec – 1st of January

Get your last horoscope reading of the year!

Last horoscope reading of the year!

Horoscope reading: We have entered a happy week where a brand new era has started for all zodiac signs. The energies are high. After the new Moon in Capricorn, we will deal with our obligations creatively in the first two days of the week, starting with the Moon’s course in Aquarius. Then, in the middle of the week, we will find the right communication opportunities by relying on intuition for the projects we have dreamed of. As we enter the weekend, we will be a little distracted by the excitement of the new year celebration, and we will be at a faster pace than time. Therefore, it will be essential to pay attention to clumsiness. I know a good year is on its way, and I wish you all a Happy New Year. If we look at what awaits us in the last week of the year, with the Jupiter Aries course of the new Moon;

Aries, Rising Aries

Your initiatives, behavior, appearance, and attitude toward life are at the center. Travels and remote jobs will take your time. Sensations and developments about past works and completed projects also create a feeling of excitement. You may also find the opportunity to resolve a complicated issue in your area of ​​responsibility that is not in your hands.

Taurus, Rising Taurus

With so many projects, you are faced with the opportunity to meet new lands and meet friendly people who will change the way you perceive life. The issue is finding the right place where you see yourself as most valuable. There is a small child within you constantly craving entry and navigating new realms. Those children need to revise their old beliefs and continue the old ones. Some agreements may be terminated, new formats will be started, or a new study/training process will start for a previous project we have in mind.

Gemini, Rising Gemini

You can start a new project, consider taking an exam or prepare a business plan for a venture you want to involve in that you have long desired. While you can find the chance to understand the general logic of people with the same expertise who have come together for similar purposes, you might suddenly face forgotten loan debts, a bill that has been thrown. If there is an operation related to health that you have delayed, it may also require rapid intervention.

Cancer, Rising Cancer

A past business idea will come your way. You may enter a new job, or control over a project may be transferred from an existing appointment to you. The theme, in general, will be to earn profit. Old conversations can knock on your door as new conversations. You will gain popularity with the proper perspective and rational communication in a way you never expected.

Leo, Rising Leo

As the end of the year approaches, you will evaluate your resources by thinking about your financials and new contacts. The days when you can look at life from a more positive perspective have begun. However, if there is a health problem from the past, this period may remind itself again; beware. Pay particular attention to the waist and back area, and do not neglect to avoid allergens. New people who will turn your head with questions will show up. The impact of your old contacts in new environments will also surprise you.

Virgo, Rising Virgo

There is this time that old romantic relationships will confuse you, and another question will be how long you will carry your chronic relationship problems will determine how you live. You may find yourself negotiating issues you have been thinking about for a long time, taking a risk, going into debt for real estate, or a new arrangement in an existing partnership structure.

Libra, Rising Libra

A time begins for marriages, partnerships, and the acceptance of new business deals with mediators. Family matters will also be your focus. A method can be changed regarding an application your father has been trying to draw for long periods. You may replan your working hours, and integrating a new education or travel into your routine will come up.

Scorpio, Rising Scorpio

With many practical chores, you are in a busy tempo. Be careful not to injure the knees in a highly fast-paced mind and body trying to catch up. While evaluating whether you can do business with your good old friends, you will encounter a beautiful environment where you can enter new circles and dedicate yourself.

Sagittarius, Rising Sagittarius

Your need is high to throw away the inadequacies for your savings and protect your physical body health. To do this, you need to be mentally relaxed. Fortunately, a period begins that will allow you to let go of pessimism and get excited about new projects. Old habits can overwhelm you. As you regain the beautiful old habits, ensure you stay away from toxic relationships.

Capricorn, Rising Capricorn

Being unaccustomed to getting out of your comfort zone, making new beginnings, and growing your career leads to optimism. Embrace this feeling as much as possible while it appears, and let it heal you. Your abilities that you did not even know existed and your hope for the future with the support from your environment will be strengthened.

Aquarius, Rising Aquarius

Your communication will begin to accelerate. You have been brewing about the issues that limit you for a long time, and now it’s time to spread the word about what you can do by sharing your experience and acquisitions with your circle. Be careful about the old excitements turning into dangerous confusion. You will find the courage to face the facts that trigger your fears.

Pisces, Rising Pisces

You are recovering. As your faith in yourself and in what you already have strengthened, consider re-activating the thoughts you put aside. Carry on your war with precaution and ensure you do not act exaggerated and motivational in a way you cannot foresee. You are exhausted. But you will be motivated as you see your strength and standing in groups.

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