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How to achieve Alia Bhatt’s “Sunburnt” look

Unlock the secret to Alia Bhatt’s radiant sun-kissed glow in a quick 10-minute routine — lightweight, natural, and effortlessly stunning!

How to achieve Alia Bhatt's "Sunburnt" look

Alia Bhatt spills her beauty secrets

Alia Bhatt is known for her flawless make-up and radiant skin and if you’ve ever wondered how she maintains that fresh, sun-kissed glow effortlessly, you’re in for a treat. The actress recently spilled the beans on her 10-minute makeup routine in a video with Allure, and we’re here to guide you through the steps.

Say goodbye to heavy foundations and hello to a natural, radiant look that mirrors the warmth of a day spent in the sun.

Step 1: Choosing the right base

Alia’s secret lies in ditching traditional foundations for skin tints. Mix a Summer Friday’s skin tint with a KIKO Primer for that sheer, hydrating glow that works wonders on your skin.

Step 2: Application technique

Get hands-on! Literally. Alia prefers using her hands for application, ensuring better coverage while letting your natural freckles shine through. It’s all about letting your skin be the star.

Step 3: Concealing

Say goodbye to imperfections with a creamy concealer from Kosas. Cover those spots and under-eye areas without sacrificing your skin’s natural charm.

Step 4: Enhancing cheek color

Add a pop of peachy cheek color to achieve that perfect sun-kissed flush. It’s the key to bringing warmth and radiance to your complexion.

Step 5: Perfecting brows and contour

Set those brows with Benefit, then introduce a contour powder to intensify the sun-kissed vibes. Define your features and elevate the overall glow.

Step 6: Highlighter for subtle radiance

Alia swears by a Milk highlighter for that subtle, natural glow. Apply strategically for radiant accents without going overboard.

Step 7: Lipstick as the final touch

Seal the deal with a Revlon lipstick that’s creamy yet matte. Dab it off delicately to maintain the tinted look without going too bold.

Step 8: Final finish with lip balm

Complete your sun-kissed makeup with a Rhode lip balm. Hydrate your lips and add the finishing touch for a dewy, polished appearance.

How to achieve Alia Bhatt's "Sunburnt" look

There you have it! By following these steps, you can now effortlessly capture Alia Bhatt’s signature sun-kissed glow. Embrace the lightweight, natural approach to makeup, and let your radiant skin take center stage. Incorporate these tips into your daily routine, and get ready to shine with the warmth of a sunlit day. Here’s to embracing your natural beauty and glowing like the star you are!

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