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India: Why filmmakers replaced Neha Sharma with an Influencer?

Indian actress Neha Sharma says acting is about talent, not followers

India: Why filmmakers replaced Neha Sharma with an Influencer?

In a candid interview, Indian actress Neha Sharma recently spilled the tea on her unexpected exit from a film project, making it clear that being replaced by an influencer was quite the plot twist. Baffled by the switcheroo, Sharma revealed, “I was geared up for the role, did my homework, multiple readings, workshops – the whole nine yards. I thought I aced it!”

Bollywood: Talent or popularity contest?

Her disappointment echoes a broader sentiment in the Indian industry. She believes the influencer takeover was more about follower count than acting chops. “Joining a movie isn’t a popularity contest, it’s about talent,” she asserted, shaking her head at the social media-centric casting call.

For Sharma, the key to success in showbiz is a sturdy foundation in acting, not just a flashy online presence. “Sure, social media is a stage, but it can’t be the only spotlight for casting,” she quipped, emphasizing the need for genuine skills honed through training and experience.

India: Why was Neha Sharma replaced by an Influencer?

Two separate industries

Sharma’s not throwing shade at influencers, though. She clarified, “They have their strengths, but acting is a craft, a refined skill, not just a trending hashtag.”

As the social media storm continues to brew in casting decisions, Sharma hopes the acting industry in India shifts its focus back to the core – traditional acting talent. “Let’s cast based on merit, not just virtual applause,” she urged, confident that audiences will soon value the sweat, tears, and talent actors invest in their art.

In a parting shot, Sharma predicted, “The spotlight will shift back to the real deal. Watch out for the actors who earn their stripes, not just clicks.”

India: Why filmmakers replaced Neha Sharma with an Influencer?

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