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Fashion Influencer Fatima Al Momen causes fatal accident in Kuwait

The Influencer has been detained and is awaiting trial


Influencer causes accident in Kuwait

According to the Ministry of Interior of the Gulf country, a tragic accident in Kuwait resulted in two deaths and two injuries. In a statement released by the ministry, the two-way collision occurred at 3.17 a.m. on Thursday. The four involved in the accident were immediately transferred to a hospital, where the two injured underwent treatment.

The statement further reads that the driver was under the influence of “intoxicating substances”, was speeding, and crossed a red light, which caused the accident. It has also been reported the insurance of the driver’s vehicle that was being driven was expired. Videos circulated and posted online showcase the state of the driver’s car.

According to the Ministry’s account on X, the driver is being charged with 10 counts: manslaughter, accidental injury, driving a vehicle under the influence of alcoholic beverages or narcotics, exceeding the prescribed speed limit, exceeding the red light, driving a vehicle recklessly, driving a vehicle with invalid insurance, driving a vehicle without carrying a vehicle license, causing damage to the property of others, and damage to public property.

The Influencer has been tagged by local media reports. Fatima Al Momen is an architect turned fashion Influencer who has over 2 million followers on the social media platform, Instagram. She has been active as an Influencer since 2014.

An investigation committee has been formed to carry out further checks into the incident, and a report will be provided at the end of the week.

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