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Influencer’s 15-Step New Hand Care Routine Goes Viral: ‘This Screams Useless’

How much is too much?

The Elaborate Routine

A New York-based beauty and skincare influencer recently shared a reel showcasing her elaborate 15-step hand care routine, sparking a wide range of reactions in the comments section.

Victoria, who boasts over 1.6 million followers on TikTok and 571,000 followers on Instagram, starts her meticulous hand care ritual with a cleansing mousse. She then dries and steams her hands before applying a hand mask. Taking a break, she makes a chilled beverage before continuing.

@beautyspacce Content creator @Victoria 🌹 My high maintenance to be low maintenance routine pt. 5 🤚🏼🫧 #handcare #handcareroutine #highmaintenance #selfcareroutine #thatgirl #aesthetic #asmr #satisfying #skincare #relaxing #motivation #girlythings ♬ original sound – beautyspacce

Next, she melts paraffin wax and uses it as a hand mask. Once the wax is removed, she applies hand retinol and uses a device for red light therapy. Her routine concludes with hand cream, cuticle oil, Gua sha (a traditional Chinese massage technique for improved blood flow), and sunscreen.

The DIY treatments, more elaborate than a salon manicure, captivated users, many of whom were stunned by the detailed regimen.

Social Media Reactions

Victoria’s viral video, posted on May 23, has garnered over nine million views and 2.12 million likes on Instagram. In the video caption, she humorously describes her process as “high maintenance to be low maintenance.”

Gua sha, a traditional Chinese practice, involves gently massaging the face or hands with a specialized tool to promote circulation and lymphatic drainage. This technique has gained significant popularity among skincare influencers.

Mixed Responses

Reactions to the video were mixed. One user commented, “This screams ‘useless’ in all languages known to mankind,” while another remarked, “Overconsumption at its peak.” An Instagram user named Abigail quipped, “Tell me you’ve never worked a day in your life without telling me you’ve never worked a day in your life.” Another user sarcastically noted, “I love how it did nothing.”

Despite the criticism, the video continues to trend, highlighting the divisive nature of influencer content and the allure of extravagant beauty routines.


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