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Human Influencers extinction with rise of AI 2023?

Agency creates AI model, reveal, “Much better than Influencers with ego”

Influencers replaced by AI model who earns $11,000 a month

In a fascinating twist, Barcelona’s The Clueless agency proudly introduces Aitana López, Spain’s first AI Influencer. Sporting distinctive pink hair and a vibrant personality, Aitana has quickly amassed a following of 124,000 on Instagram, earning up to 10,000 euros monthly.

Reason behind the rise of AI Influencers

Founder Rubeñ Cruz shared that Aitana was born out of frustration with the unpredictability of real models and influencers. “We wanted reliability without the drama,” he explained. Aitana, with her carefully crafted persona and stylish Instagram feed, offers a refreshing alternative to the challenges faced when working with human counterparts.

Aitana’s digital life is meticulously curated through captivating photos, showcasing her adventures from sipping cocktails on a night out to hitting the gym. Created using advanced Photoshop techniques, Aitana embodies a “strong and determined woman,” with a passion for video games and fitness, as revealed on the agency’s website.

AI success, human doom?

Influencers replaced by AI model who earns $11,000 a month

The digital diva’s financial success is equally impressive, earning over 1,000 euros per advertisement and securing a monthly income ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 euros. This underscores a growing trend in the digital space, where AI-generated influencers like Aitana are gaining popularity without the complexities of human interactions.

As Aitana López takes center stage in the virtual realm, questions arise about the future landscape of social media. With her success, and that of other AI influencers like Emily Pellegrini, the era of artificial intelligence in creative spaces is clearly on the horizon, promising a future where the virtual and real seamlessly coexist.

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