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Kim Kardashian launches Skims for men with these celebs

Kim Kardashian isn’t just looking out for the ladies but the men too with her latest Skims collection!

Kim Kardashian launches Skims for men with these celebs

Business mogul and all-round celebrity influencer Kim Kardashian announces her Skims collection for men – I mean, it’s so comfortable for women, why not make a men’s collection?

Although some people have criticised the brand for its extra small, and unrealistic fit, others have praised Skims for being what every girl needs. The nude and subtle collection was made for comfort, perfect fits, and for everyday wear, whether it’s a slip under your clothes or as a going-out outfit.

Take a look at the celebrities who are wearing Skims by Kim Kardashian for the men’s collection. Kim Kardashian and her team chose sports players who are involved in a lot of movement within their field. They share their special moments and stories with their followers while wearing Skims and why the men’s Skims collection is ideal for them.

Neymar JR.

Footballer Neymar Jr. says wearing Skims is just as good of a moment as the feeling of scoring a goal. A big statement from one of the most popular Brazillian football players in the world.

Nick Bosa

Nick Bosa, an American football player tells his story in a cotton tank and boxer briefs. Nick also reveals in his video that he is a “Part-time underwear model” – whether that’s true or not is a different story, but whose complaining!?


Canadian basketball player Shai Alexander wears a selection of the Skims underwear pieces for men. Like all the others who took part in the campaign, they all say “Everybody is wearing Skims” and Shai in his caption put i’ve always been comfortable in my own skim.

Watch here

Watch the short trailer video here for the Skims men’s collection by Kim Kardashian which will be released on the 26th of October, 2023.

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