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How to create your own tasty yogurt bark 2023

Find out what is it, and get some inspiration on designs for your yogurt bark

How to create your own yogurt bark - what is a yogurt bark?

Pinterest is seeing a new trend pop up and it’s all on yogurt barks – the simplest, quickest, tastiest, and healthiest snack right now.

What is a yogurt bark?

Yogurt bark is a delicious and healthy dessert made from yogurt (as the base), and finished with your favourite toppings. Fruit is usually used in yogurt barks so it’s a suitable snack or dessert for adults and children.

The term bark describes the dessert very well. Derived from the English term of bark meaning the outer covering of a tree, the yogurt bark has the same hard-coated shell similarly to a tree trunk. It is a healthier option than ice cream with less calories, fat, and sugar content.

What is a yogurt bark?

How to make a frozen yogurt bark


  • Full-fat yogurt – you can use any flavour of your choice
  • Fruit – fresh fruits like berries are a healthy option as toppings for your yogurt bark. Strawberries are a popular choice
  • Nuts – if you want to add more than fruits to your yogurt bark, then you can also add granola, nuts, seeds or even chocolate chips or candy if you have a sweet tooth


  1. Whisk your yogurt a little to make sure it is smooth and there are no lumps
  2. Evenly cover a lined baking sheet with the yogurt – you can use a spoon to spread the yogurt around
  3. Add your fresh fruit and nuts
  4. Leave in the freezer overnight for crunchy perfection in the morning

Pinterest inspiration for yogurt bark designs

Get some ideas from Pinterest on how to make your yogurt bark. You can get as creative as you like with the colour of it and what you’re using as toppings.

Halloween Frozen Bark

If you’re looking to make healthy snacks for Halloween that are also aesthetically pleasing then take a look at these spooky designs below! Remember, you can get as creative and as colourful as you like – it’s all about having fun and doing it together… and uploading it on social media for others to see!

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