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Man spends $14K to look like a shaggy dog

Would you pay money to look like your pet?

Man spends $14k to transform himself into a dog

A Japanese man has spent over $14,000 to fulfill his dream of transforming himself into a man’s best friend.

Known as Taco online, the man had saved around two million Yen ($14K), to buy a custom-made costume and wear it in public. Last year in April 2022, he shared a video mimicking a dog on the floor, rolling around in the collie suit and gesturing at the camera with his “paw.”

Taco also shared footage of himself in the costume on his YouTube channel where he documents his life in the fur costume with over 40K subscribers. In the channel description, Taco wrote “I wanted to be an animal, so I became a collie!” He has said the costume has helped him accomplish his dreams of “becoming an animal.”

His whole transformation journey is documented online on YouTube with his channel named ‘I want to be an animal.’ Taco knew it was time to go a little bit further with his costume by stepping out in public.

The video was shot last year by RTL, a German TV station with Paco doing tricks toward the camera. We can see the reaction from other dogs towards Paco as well as locals reacting to Paco. The video has now gained 5 million views and over 3 thousand comments.

The question we’re all asking is, how is Paco planning to go to the toilet, and who will be cleaning it up!

Would you spend $14K to look like your pet?

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