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Mariah Carey hits 67M views in new festive Instagram Reel

All she did was hit a high note and defrosted for Christmas, but now also faces a lawsuit…

Mariah Carey hits 67 million views in new Festive Instagram video

Legendary pop singer Mariah Carey has been unfrozen by the Halloween monsters and her signature high-pitched acoustics just in time for Christmas.

Dominating the charts

According to a recent article, Mariah Carey is estimated to make $2.6 million on average from “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” It continues to say the bulk of that comes in the month of December where Carey’s Christmas domination begins Nov. 1 each year.

Surprise surprise, Mariah uploaded her Christmas defrosting video on November 1st this year getting her fans and followers ready for the festive season. Compared to Mariah’s other Instagram Reels, this video has generated a staggering 67.4 million views.

The singer captioned the video It’s…… TIME!!! #MariahSZN. With over 2 million likes and over 40 thousand comments, it really must be Mariah’s season. The song which was released in 1994, has sold 20 million copies and is also one of the biggest-selling singles of all time.

It seems like some didn’t like the video and Mariah Carey now faces yet another lawsuit over the song by songwriter Andy Stone. Stone said he released a similar song of the same name in 1989 with his group Vince Vance & Valiants. The song hit No. 52 on the US country Singles chart in the year 1994, the same year Mariah also launched her song All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Andy Stone’s lawsuit claims: “The phrase ‘all I want for Christmas is you’ may seem like a common parlance today, in 1988 it was, in context, distinctive […] Moreover, the combination of the specific chord progression in the melody paired with the verbatim hook was a greater than 50% clone of [Stone’s] original work, in both lyric choice and chord expressions.”

More of this lawsuit is yet to be revealed.

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