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Mercedes gifts two-legged dog custom-made wheelchair

Mercedes’ gift is leaving social media swooning over the heartwarming moment


Bunny’s story

A rescue team found Bunny, a two-year-old puppy, in Mexico during one of their philanthropic operations. The dog was hit by a car and sustained severe injuries.

Bunny underwent surgeries and her hind legs had to be amputated. Post her surgery, once the video was posted online, a comment was posted: “She deserves the Mercedes Benz of wheelchairs”.

Mercedes gets involved

Dog rescuer Henry Friedman made sure Bunny wasn’t neglected, caring for her and making sure she had a full recovery. However, Bunny still needed a wheelchair to move around properly.

Friedman and the Animal Pad noticed the comment and suggested the idea to a German car company. Afterward, he shared two reels and referred to it as “one of my favorite rescue stories ever.”

Bunny can be seen entering the Mercedes showroom where the entire team gives her a warm welcome. “These wheels will open Bunny’s world significantly and make her much more adoptable,” says the caption on the video.

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