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Nicole Scherzinger has a dramatic style change

Need some new hair inspo? Check out Nicole Scherzinger’s makeover!

Nicole Scherzinger has a new dramatic hair look!

Nicole Scherzinger has had a dramatic beauty change that no one would have ever expected, and cut her long, luscious hair.

The Cut

The global singer, known for her powerful voice and lead singer in the Pussycat Doll group has always had long, dark hair down to her hips. Just one day ago, Nicole’s hairdresser Dimitris Giannetos upload an image of the surprising change which has shocked Nicole Scherzinger lovers!

Reaction from fans

Everyone on the internet is loving Nicole’s new look. Although she has rocked the bob before, we have only ever seen Nicole wear a wig. It will be interesting to see what new looks Nicole will do with her hair change and how long she will keep it.

Many fans commented with fire emojis, and heart emojis as well as giving compliments to the star on how amazing she looks.

Why the change?

Have you heard of the phrase new hair, new me? Since the change in her relationship status and becoming Tom Evans’ fiance, Nicole went for the cut. It could have been the proposal that made Nicole want to go for a new change now that she begins to plan her wedding with Tom. However, Nicole is also very active and posts her day-to-day activities on Instagram which involve working out and dancing.

As a professional dancer, Nicole is always on the go and loves to show off her moves. Although she can quickly tie up her hair in a long ponytail or flick it around, it will be much more manageable with her hair short.

Shaggy Style

Nicole didn’t just opt for short hair but she went for a natural curly cut, shoulder-length, choppy fringe, and wet style. We love that Nicole didn’t just play it safe with her short hair but went for something playful and funky – and what better time to do it than the Summer?

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