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Inside Paris Hilton’s spectacular 43rd birthday celebration!

That’s hot, Paris Hilton!


Paris Inviting Us For Her Birthday!

Paris Hilton shared many videos on her Instagram Story on Saturday, allowing fans to see all of the fun she had on her birthday.

Is “Simple” In The Room With Us?

The reality TV actress, who turned 43 over the weekend, claimed that she flew on a private plane with her husband, Carter Reum, and their 1-year-old son, Phoenix Barron.

First, the “Simple Life” star shared a video of Reum carrying their little boy as he walked toward a black car.

“You going on a trip for mama’s birthday,” Hilton could be heard saying to Phoenix from behind the camera.

Next, she posted another clip that showed the exterior of a private jet adorned by dozens of balloons. Some even said “Happy birthday, Paris” on top.

Aris Hilton celebrated her 43rd birthday with a stunning party, and she shared the wonderful moments with her admirers via Instagram Stories throughout the weekend.

Hilton, her husband Carter Reum, and their one-year-old son Phoenix Barron went on a lavish voyage aboard a private plane, setting the tone for an extraordinary birthday celebration.

One Year Old On a Private Jet

The birthday excursion began with Paris filming a touching moment of Carter carrying their son towards a sleek black sedan, ready to whisk them away to their awaiting private jet.

Paris’ voice filled the background, humorously adding, “You’re going on a trip for mama’s birthday,” as Phoenix watched with interest and pleasure.

When they arrived at their jet, Paris unveiled the elaborate decorations that decorated the aircraft, with dozens of balloons greeting them, some proudly stating, “Happy Birthday, Paris.”

The jet’s inside was a vision of celebration, with magnificent floral arrangements, an array of champagne bottles, tasty candies, and quirky white heart-shaped sunglasses, setting the tone for a love-filled and luxurious birthday.

A giant Chanel box was among the celebration decorations, hinting at a special birthday gift for Paris, adding to the excitement of the occasion.

Our Style ICON!

Paris, dressed in a trendy furry Louis Vuitton hat, a beautiful black jacket, and amusing leopard print pajamas, enjoyed a lovely moment with Phoenix on her lap, gently diverting his curious hands away from the tempting cupcakes and reminded him, “For Mommy’s birthday.”

While their daughter London Marilyn was noticeably absent from the day’s photos, Paris took the time to reflect on her journey as a mother of two in a touching Instagram post.

Paris, accompanied by a selection of family images from the last year, expressed her thankfulness for the lessons learned and the benefits received, writing, “Another brilliant year of pure #Sliving! I feel extremely thankful for every lesson this year has taught me.

We Love a Self Aware Queen!

From parenthood to wifey duties, girl boss moments, and advocating for what’s right… This has been the most memorable year yet! #Aquarius, #SlivingBirthday.”


Paris extended her birthday reflections to X, sharing a slideshow of personal milestones with the caption, “It’s my birthday. On this date, a #Icon was born.

“This is my first birthday, and I’m celebrating with both of my darling babies. I’m feeling nostalgic for how far I’ve gone and thrilled about my future as a #SlivingMom.”

The location of Paris and Carter’s birthday trip remains a lovely surprise, adding suspense to the festivities. Since their wedding in November 2021, the pair has celebrated life’s adventures as new parents.

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