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Remember when Republicattak was robbed of his lego? Where is the YouTuber now?

An emotive and heartwarming story of a YouTuber finding his feet again because of the power of social media.

Where is Republicattak now?

Imagine having a hobby or a passion and vlogging it every day for a hundred people online. Yes, it does sound like many influencers, however, this story is a little different.

Who is Republicattack?

Republicattak is a YouTuber who loves to collect and create LEGO. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with what lego is, they are small (or large), blocks that you can build upon and put together a unique design. Many children are gifted lego sets when they are younger to play with, however, many adults now love to collect lego with the theme park Legoland being a major attraction in the world.

The YouTuber Republicattak would vlog his creations, talking to the camera about what exciting lego build he would make next. Unfortunately, on one particular day, this YouTuber was robbed of his lego, and in a very emotional which he entitled Bye, Republicattak wept to his 1,000 subscribers that this would be his last video due to his collection being destroyed and robbed by thieves.

The Power of the Internet

Soon after Republicattak uploaded this video, he received a high number of views on his YouTube channel encouraging him to upload a Thank you! video.

In the video, he explains he was grateful and thankful for all of the support to thank everyone who donated to the crowdfunding of Republicattak to help rebuild his lego collection. He also says that he would continue to pursue his passion for lego making as he now has a community supporting him.

1.04M Subscribers

Having joined YouTube in 2010, this YouTuber who gave up all hope now has over 1 million followers and 42,428,329 views. This is the great power of the internet and how one video can change someone’s life forever. What was once a fun, pass time activity, has now grown to become a channel where people enjoy watching Republicattak content on a daily basis.

Since rebuilding his life, Republicattak has made numerous of videos continuing to make his mark on the internet, reaching thousands of views per video. Stories like these help us to realise our inner potential and the support of the internet. If you don’t see the results now, it doesn’t you won’t ever see them so keep going!

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