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Retirement plans: 12-year-old millionaire retires early

Pixie Curtis is a millionaire at age 12 – but what’s next for her?

Retirement plans: 12-year-old millionaire retires early

Pixie Curtis is set to retire early on her 12th birthday as she becomes a successful CEO and millionaire with her toy company, Pixie Fidgets.

Although Pixie has set out to become what most people expect to become after finishing their education, she has decided to step down from the role of CEO. Pixie would like to complete her education like every other 12-year-old and therefore retirement plans have come early.

Pixie Fidget began her business journey with her mum Roxy Jacenko as Co-Founder during the pandemic. The company initially sold pretty bows and fidget spinners which led them to making a multi-million dollar empire.

Reports noted that by 2023, Curtis was making at least $133,000 monthly income, which is an astonishing amount for a young student. On her 12th birthday. Pixie had even put together gift bags for her 27 friends worth $50 each and included Australian beauty brand MCoBeauty with other skincare goodies. With 140K followers on Instagram, Pixie regularly shares her luxury lifestyle with her followers to let them inside her “not so regular” world.

Some users on social media were worried about Pixie for not receiving a “normal” childhood as her mother gifted her a Mercedes Benz for her 10th birthday. This is just one example from the many that show Pixie’s lifestyle to be overly mature and unconventional. Pixie has however taken the decision to step back from the entrepreneurial life and focus on school and education.

Only time will tell what Pixie Curtis’ next adventure will be, but we are excited to find out.

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